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Professor Sig Kufferath 1911-1999

Professor H.S. Okazaki 1890-1951

Professor Lono Ancho Jr 1928-2003

An association of traditions and visions developed over 3,500 years

       From our simple beginnings to our present-day teachings, the basic principles of the late Judo Master, Professor H. Seishiro Okazaki, have been enthusiastically embraced by each and every one of our deeply committed students in their daily lives.  Professor Okazaki's Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Judo & Jujitsu system is taught world wide.  Professor Okazaki balanced his system with healing (kappo) and defensive (Sappo) arts drawn from Chinese and Japanese traditions. 

       The Congressional Record reports Professor Okazaki with having treated medical conditions of President Roosevelt, actress Shirley Temple, comedian George Burns, Johnny Weissmuller(Tarzan) and other notables of his time.  The Okazaki healing arts were so effective that President Roosevelt asked Professor Okazaki to become his personal therapist and relocate to Washington DC. 

        Professor Okazaki was also known as a pioneer for breaking with the norms of the day and teaching non-asian men and woman self defense and healings arts.  His system of healing and defensive arts is recognized internationally.  His 1922 defeat of professional English boxer, Carl "Kayo" Morris, brought world wide recognition of the Danzan Ryu school.





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       I began my Kodenkan, Danzan Ryu studies in 1969 at East Stroudsburg University.  As an under-graduate student and  Student Senator, I assisted Dr. William Gessner, Judo Club Director, in developing the school club and its financial support.  The late Professor William Gessner and Soke William Snyder introduced me to Kodokan Judo.  Professor Ron Jennings introduced me to Kodenkan, Danzan Ryu Jujitsu.  In 1973, I was invited to become a student of the late Professor Ramon (Lono) Ancho. In 1976 Professor Ancho was the West Point Academy Judo coach and Assistant Commandant of the New York Military Academy.   I remained a principal student and friend until his passing in 2003.  During those 30 years, Professor Ancho and I developed a long standing personal and student-teacher relationship with the late Professor Sig Kufferath and Professor Tony Janovich.  We co-founded the Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Jujitsu Association (KDRJA). 

       I have authored numerous texts on the art which are available on  I am also recorded in the Martial Art Hall of Fame for my work in preserving this art form.  I received Okugi Certifcation 2003 from Professor Janovich.  I was advanced by the national organization to the rank of Shichidan (7th degree black belt) in 1998 and awarded the title of Professor.  Become an Okazaki student.    Find KDRJA on line.


The most recent publication is "ESOTERIC KODENKAN" (250 pages) available at





A Guide into the Kiai & Aiki of the Subjective Realm

This text explores Professor Okazaki's Transmissions thru a Sensei-student dialogue.

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